Born of Fire

Born of Fire Trapped in a stone prison at the heart of the volcano, the Firebird slept undisturbed. Until one day a curious Sprite awoke him. Able to finally unleash his full fury the Firebird stretched his liquid fire wings and burned the little forest around him. Thought to be gone he merely travels now searching for new places to burn, in an ever failing attempt to ease the unending thirst for destruction.

♣~Part of DRP~♣
♣~OOC: I have given this character the name of Urúvion (Oo-roo-vee-on) [it's Elven] just so you know~♣
♠~RP note: The Firebird's little brother, Nethraunien (Neth-row-nee-ehn), has now joined this blog! So, you can either RP with one or both of them, though it will normally be both since Firebird is always keeping watch over the young cub.~♠

a slide in the village. | anna & firebird

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The advice made her chuckle nervously. It seemed a lot of her traits could get her into trouble, really. They’d already done so before. Perhaps it was advice she should heed more often. Nodding a little, Anna gave him a small smile. “Right, I know. I’ll be careful.”

It surprised her, hearing that Aidan’s brother had been here not long ago. “Really? How long ago was it. I..hope he didn’t get trapped in the blizzard we had.” She would’ve felt guilty for it if he got stuck in that awful weather. It never would have happened if she hadn’t taken Elsa’s glove. Then again, they also might have never opened the gates for good if it weren’t for all that, so she couldn’t fully regret it. 

Urúvion thought that over a moment. "An hour ago, I say." The Firebird said with a small shrug. "Not really sure, it’s been difficult for me to keep track of time as of late. Though I’m fairly sure there were no blizzards." He said with a small chuckle.

"The only trouble I can recall is when he fell through the ice of a lake up in the mountain." The Firebird said nodding up to the mountain that was never by. "He’s ok of course we were lucky someone had come-by right then….I believe his name was Kristoff? Perhaps you know him?"

Traces of a Wonderland // Neth, Urúvion & Rapunzel

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Rapunzel beamed at the boy. “You know what? That’s a fantastic idea! I think I’ll do just that!” The thought of Eugene helping her contact elements was… albeit a bit bizarre, but also sounded like it could be really fun. 

Looking at Neth’s disappointment, Rapunzel had to pause. She stole a glance at Urúvion and then looked at her hands. “You’re right— I don’t help as many people as I could… Or as I many as I want to, I guess. But Mother says when I was little, people tried to cut my hair and steal the power for themselves.” She turned and pulled aside her blonde hair, revealing the short brunette strand. “Once it’s cut though, it turns brown and loses its power.” Still not making eye contact with either of the boys, Rapunzel went on, but in a softer voice, “A gift like this… It needs to be protected and I don’t know how many people I can trust.” 

Now that Rapunzel had been kneeling in the snow for a while, her dress was becoming soaked through. Pulling her cloak tighter around herself, she turned to look up at her tower.

"Oooh.. I usually go out every time Mother does." Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she chuckled a bit and then mumbled, "Before this year I never went out at all, if you can believe it!" 

Neth listened quietly and nodded in understanding. “I think I understand…” He said after a time, “after all the power to heal is a very rare gift, like I said before.” He went into thought for a moment.

"You know, I remember us passing a village that could really use healing, they have a lot of sick people, maybe one of the days your mother goes out you could come with us to help them, my brother and I could act as bodyguards for you to make sure no one tries to cut your hair." He suggested a light smile on his face.

Urúvion glanced over at his brother at the suggestion he remembered the village Neth had mentioned it had been a small one, they hadn’t stayed there very long so they hadn’t exactly caught the name of it.

A Flame in the Darkness // Sally & Urúvion

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Sally was enjoying a leisurely stroll around the paths of Halloween Town. As much as she liked adventuring, every now and again its always nice to just explore home. Plus, Doctor Finklestein was going to be out for another few hours, why not enjoy it? Smiling as she walked, she made her way towards the fountain in the middle of Halloween Town.

As she made her way into the fountain’s square, she saw a beautiful, strange bird sitting on the fountain. She would’ve stopped to gawk at it if she wasn’t completely amazed by its voice echoing in her head.

"Hello, it’s no bother. This is Halloween Town." She took a step closer, taking in the bird’s marvellous red feathers. "I’m Sally, by the way. If you don’t mind my asking, what type of bird are you?" She tried to remember all the birds she’d ever seen and none even came close to the remarkable beauty of this one.

'Halloween town?' The Firebird mused as he clicked his beak in curiosity. 'I have never heard of such a place.' He looked around the area once more before facing the doll once again at her question. 'It is nice to meet you Sally, I am Urúvion or should it be easier for you, Aidan.'

He shifted slight on the stone, his talons lightly clicking with each movement. 'I am a phoenix.' The Firebird responded tilting his head to the side a bit. 'Might I ask just what sort of place this Halloween Town of yours is? I seems rather…dark.'

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"What really lights your fire? Metaphorically."

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"I try to keep my temper in check most of the time, but it’s difficult. Meaning the smallest thing could anger me. Aside from that if anyone tries to bring harm to Neth, then they’ll die for sure regardless." Urúvion responded after a moment of thought.

"Does your heart BURN for anyone? (get it)"

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A sigh escaped him as he shook his head. “I get what you mean and no, it doesn’t.”

"So... have you ever done something embarrassing? What was it?"

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Urúvion ponders that a moment. “Nothing comes to mind right off hand.” He shrugs. “I’m sure I did something but that would really be a question for my older sister…if she were around that is…”


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"There are four different definitions, which do you want?" The Firebird asked golden eyes narrowed in confusion, why didn’t the grey-face just look it up for themselves if they didn’t know?

"So are you really made of fire?"

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"My true form is technically made of lava, but it is a form of fire." Urúvion said with a bored shrug.

My character must answer the three most awkward messages that come into my askbox within the next 10 minutes!

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Send any you can think of in, and when 10 minutes are up, I’ll pick the top 3 my character would hate to answer the most and they’ll have to!


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"Truth. How does FB really feel about mother nature?"

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"Mother Nature being…?" Urúvion asked.

"I think they are referring to Sprite." Neth figured.

Firebird sighed. “She’s a real pest…but despite my threats, I would never actually hurt her again seeing as I’ve come to tolerate her over time.”

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