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I’ve prettied up the blog, added a few of the changes I wanted, and have spoken to at least three people I’ve RPed with so far, so that’s already way further done then I’d thought I’d be by now! I’m still waiting on word from a few people a couple of which I think are on short hiatus as well or just haven’t been on much but hey it’s alright I figure if I get no word then that will just mean it’s an immediate thread drop. :3

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In other unrelated news I’ve been on an editing craze as of late seeing as I’m really trying to work on my photoshop skills so I’m offering to make icons for anyone who would like for one! Lemme know if you would like one along with any specifics you may have (colors, character outfit, background, etc.) I may not be able to meet every request in the specifics seeing as I’m still learning but I will do my best!

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So I actually managed to get my blog prettied up sooner then I thought, granted I’m not 100% done with my re-vamp yet, but at least one big part is out of the way! You guys should check it out and tell me what you think! :3

Speaking of the re-vamp, I’m still waiting to hear back from a few people, but it’s ok, that gives me time to work on a few more details.

Namely here’s a note I should probably make now, for those who may know I have also been RPing Firebird’s little brother Nethraunien. Now, I’m not completely getting rid of the cub but rather will be making him more of a ‘ghost’. That way I can focus on my main character more. But fear not, any threads where the cub is involved he’ll still be active in them but aside from that don’t expect to see much else save for maybe a few mentions in other threads or an appearance in a drabble or so.

Now if we are plotting a thread and you would like Neth to be around for it I shall happily include him but aside from that you’ll be dealing with Firebird.

Ok, so I have decided to do a mini-character re-vamp, which means I’m going to be editing a few major details about the character in order to maybe help my momentary RP slump with the stubborn bird…it may take a little while though so Firebird will be on a small hiatus (thinking about Saturday-Sunday at most depending) but I will still be RPing with Zarina! :3

Anyway, that means I’m gonna need a bit of help, if I have RPed with or currently have a thread going with you lemme know if you would like to continue it with the new changes added (which may get a bit confusing but hey we shall see X3) or if you would like to drop it and start a new this applies to past threads too, so that means if you choose to drop the threads then our characters will no longer know one another.

If you are not sure if we have any threads just ask and I shall let you know :3

I am missing a lot of old threads however seeing as I didn’t tag a ton of them, I shall be going back and adding a tag of oldthread:[insert character name] so that’s another way to see if we’ve RPed just track the tag or look it up later if you want :3

Alternatively if you want our characters to still know each other but at the same time want to drop old threads, that’s fine too just message me so we can work out how our characters will still know one another.

I really hope this all makes sense, if not once again my askbox is still open for any questions I’d really appreciate the help guys I can’t have this mini-re-vamp work without all of you! :3 

Traces of a Wonderland // Neth, Urúvion & Rapunzel


Rapunzel silently took in her surroundings before sliding off Neth’s back. A lot of the plants around where they stood seemed to have died long ago, while different types of agricultural equipment, which was surely used at some point, now only collected rust. Since the townspeople had become ill, it was logical that the rest of the town was beginning to look a bit neglected. 

The blonde cautiously began walking down a broken cobblestone road that lead into the town. With every step, she felt a stronger pull towards helping these people, she became more confident about sharing her gift and healing those in need.

"So… They don’t know I’m coming?" Rapunzel asked, nervous they would simply fear her as well. 

"Well, not you in particular but we did tell them we would try to come back with someone who will be able to help them, one who wouldn’t frighten them." Neth said as he shifted back to human form and walked over to stand next to where Rapunzel stood.

Urúvion attempted to land on a branch in a near-by tree only for it to snap under him. He hesitantly moved to the branch below gently resting a bit on his weight on it before finally curling his talons completely around it after determining it safe.

I have been so inactive to the point where I don’t even think ‘sorry’ can cover it! I’ve got quite a bit of replies to get to and will do so ASAP…I’ve just been having trouble with getting motivated to do anything…including getting out of bed….anyway replies I owe;


Hans (x2)

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Traces of a Wonderland // Neth, Urúvion & Rapunzel


Rapunzel simply nodded and crouched lower to Neth, trying to avoid the cold wind. Seeing Urúvion pull up next to her, Rapunzel smiled and offered a small wave. 

This was certainly the craziest thing she had done since going to see the lights with Eugene over the summer… A part of Rapunzel wished he was here now; having his company would probably make her feel better about traveling with strangers… Although Eugene too was a stranger when she first traveled with him, and look how well that turned out! 

Urúvion’s eyes turn to Rapunzel and he simply nods n response to her wave.

They continued their flight for a time before finally Neth began to slowly descend. His paws landed on the rather withered grass just on the outskirts of the town. Just from a glance one could easily see just how dark and sickly the place seemed, though with the right help, t was clear the town could easily find a new life to it.

Neth folded his wings so Rapunzel could easily climb down. “This is the place…they’ve recent been struck by a terrible illness that has already taken quite a few, my brother and I would’ve helped earlier when we first arrived here but, I have no healing magic of my own and my brother only uses fire to heal and that more then likely would’ve scared them away from seeking help from us…”

A Flame in the Darkness // Sally & Urúvion


Sally smiled, slightly perplexed at the question. “This is my kitchen. It’s where I cook food and make beverages for myself and my creator.” A small look of realisation crossed her face as she realised why the phoenix probably hadn’t seen one before. “I suppose you wouldn’t spend much time indoors, would you. Depending on if you’d like some food, I have a variety of different meats or insects if you’d like. I’m planning on using them to cook for one of my friends some time.” She gave a rather mischievous smile at that. She wasn’t quite sure how she was going to convince Hans to try her concoctions but she would somehow.

'Interesting…' the phoenix mused as he continued to look around the area, 'and you'd be correct, this would count as being my second time within a building of some sort. Otherwise I remain outdoors.'

He tilts his head to the side a bit. 'No thank you, I actually have no real need for food,  only need consume firestones and even then that's rare. Not to offend, but I wouldn't think that a ragdoll would need any sort of food either, unless you simply cook for others?' 

Traces of a Wonderland // Neth, Urúvion & Rapunzel


Rapunzel let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding once Neth reassured her safety. 

As his wings spread, the blonde couldn’t help but watched curiously. Chunks of snow and leaves rose into the air, creating a ruckus amongst the forest creatures. A familiar-looking investigative bunny hopped out the bushes and tilted his head at Rapunzel. All she had time for was a quick smile and a light wave before Neth took off into the air. 

A frantic squeal escaped Rapunzel as she rushed to cling onto Neth more tightly. It was hard to keep her eyes open at the speed they were traveling, but Rapunzel didn’t want to miss anything.

Looking behind her, she tried to spot Urúvion, but could only see the endless stream of blonde hair whipping along behind her. 

"ARE YOU SURE I’M NOT TOO HEAVY?!" She yelled over the wind to Neth.

Neth slowed to a gentle glide to as heard Rapunzel attempting to ask a question over the roaring winds. With the winds now a tad calmer it was easier to hear and be heard, though luckily he’d managed to catch what she’d said anyway.

His ears flick back to indicate he had been listening though his eyes remained forward. “No, you’re not heavy at all.” Neth reassured with a small careful shrug.

Urúvion wove his way around the golden trail of hair that flowed behind the girl his brother was carrying. He eventually caught up and flew beside the two remaining just a ways away that way should for some reason Rapunzel fall he could help catch her.

raggedy-sally asked: Sally smiled at the beautiful bird in greeting. "Hello there Uruvion. I was just wondering, where is your favourite place travel to?"

The phoenix glanced over at the rag-doll and clicked his beak in thought. 'I tend not to travel back to places I've already been nor do I learn the names of places…but if I were to choose one I did learn then it would be the desert palace of Agrabah. It is certainly somewhere I would consider possibly visiting again.'

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Truth or Dare!


Dare my character to do something OR ask them a question where they will have to answer the truth.

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