Born of Fire

Born of Fire Trapped in a stone prison at the heart of the volcano, the Firebird slept undisturbed. Until one day a curious Sprite awoke him. Able to finally unleash his full fury the Firebird stretched his liquid fire wings and burned the little forest around him. Thought to be gone he merely travels now searching for new places to burn, in an ever failing attempt to ease the unending thirst for destruction.

♣~Part of DRP~♣
♣~OOC: I have given this character the name of Urúvion (Oo-roo-vee-on) [it's Elven] just so you know~♣
♠~RP note: The Firebird's little brother, Nethraunien (Neth-row-nee-ehn), has now joined this blog! So, you can either RP with one or both of them, though it will normally be both since Firebird is always keeping watch over the young cub.~♠

A Flame in the Darkness // Sally & Urúvion

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"Yes, that’s right", Sally said as she smiled at the bird. "I suppose the appeal to it is being scared. I think humans have a fascination somewhere with being frightened. I’ve heard it said it makes them feel alive." Sally paused before adding, "and the little ones love going trick-or-treating. They get sweets and the older ones play pranks. I suppose it’s all about being silly and having fun." She smiled at the bird, hoping she made sense. "Where are you from Aidan?"

Clearly it must be a different sort of fear then the Firebird easily guessed, after all he’d caused plenty of fear to know that much. 'Interesting… I would not expect humans to actually enjoy being scared.' the phoenix said with a curious click of his beak.

'My home…no longer exists sadly.' He said with a small sigh, golden eyes dimming a tad but returning to normal. It still hurt remembering the past but it was getting easier to deal with though it would still be a very long time before he ever dared to fully trust a human, granted he could admit the few he’d met aside from one bratty teen, had been relatively decent.

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"I dare you to kiss Prince Hans on the lips."

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"I don’t even know who that is so this is a dare I have no possiableity of being able to do." The Firebird pointed out with a small shrug.

Prince Hans suddenly had the terrible intuition that he was being watched. Being relentlessly pursued by people who wanted to kill him to collect the hefty bounty on his head had given Hans a powerful sixth sense for these sorts of things.

Somewhere above water, danger waited.

Hans frowned, grabbing fistfuls of seaweed and pulling himself along, trying to swim as far away as possible to avoid being caught. Refusing to surface even as his lungs burned, the prince made some strong distance.

Unfortunately, there was only so much a mortal man (even a talented swimmer) could do.

Although he had gotten a good 75 yards down the coastline, Hans’ vision started to black out. Swearing in his head, Hans kicked upward sharply and broke the surface—

A terrible miscalculation! 

Unable to break quietly, Hans coughed repeatedly, trying to catch his breath with his vision spinning as he tried to keep afloat.

Ah, so he’d been right it was a mortal. Perhaps this was the Prince Hans the grey-face mentioned? AT least that’s what he’d figure considering the timing. 

"Wouldn’t a boat be an easier means of transportation rather then swimming?" The Firebird pointed out. Then again he still hardly understood humans, and frankly he hardly wanted to.

Traces of a Wonderland // Neth, Urúvion & Rapunzel

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Initially, the thought of visiting the village made Rapunzel want to run back to her tower and hide behind her painted walls. Openly using her powers on strangers went against everything Rapunzel was raised to believe. The very notion that she could do something of the sort had always been so far out of the question that this was first time Rapunzel had to consider it.

"I’d like to go with you," Rapunzel said slowly after a moment. What good was having powers if she never got to use them (besides on Mother, of course)? Thinking of the people in the village who needed her, Rapunzel couldn’t simply turn her back on them. It was also very nice for the brothers to offer being her bodyguards. 

"Okay you two," Rapunzel began, standing up, "it’s very nice that you both offered to act as my guides… I have decided to trust you and accept said offer." Trying to seem confident, Rapunzel left out the information about how terrified she was of being so exposed. 

"With this weather, it might be best if we left sooner rather than later." Rapunzel didn’t know much about the village, but snow storms generally weren’t helpful to villages in need. 

Neth smiled as Rapunzel agreed. “Great!” The boy said hopping up from where he sat. “The villagers will be so grateful for the help!” Neth was honestly excited, after passing the village the first time he’d very much wanted to help, especially after meeting one of the residents there who had reminded both him and his brother of the young elven princess they once knew those many years back.

Urúvion couldn’t help but laugh lightly at his brother’s reaction before looking over at the girl. “Don’t worry I promise you that you will come to no harm with us, though I will tell you you don’t have to do this if you do not wish, I can tell there is some slight hesitation.”

The Earth Child glanced at his brother at his comment remaining silent for the time but turning his sky blue eyes back to the blonde awaiting her response.

"I dare you to kiss Prince Hans on the lips."

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"I don’t even know who that is so this is a dare I have no possiableity of being able to do." The Firebird pointed out with a small shrug.

Meanwhile, Prince Hans managed to entirely escape notice by throwing himself into the sea.


Having heard a splash not too far off-golden eyes turn to the water a moment curiously. That…had seemed a little too convenient of timing…He crossed his arms and waited, assuming that whatever it had been was mortal it should return to the surface soon for air.

a slide in the village. | anna & firebird

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The information surprised her. Anna thought it would be weeks, perhaps months ago that Aidan’s little brother visited. But she also felt relieved that he visited now, when the kingdom welcomed everyone with open arms. Although the same couldn’t be said of the mountains apparently. 

Anna cringed at the words. “Oooh, that’s a nasty situation. I fell into a creek once up there during a blizzard. Not quite as bad, but…still not fun.” Her eyebrows perked up at the mention of Kristoff and Aidan’s inquiry. It was not a coincidence she expected, but a pleasant one, nonetheless. Smiling, Anna nodded in response. “Oh! Yeah, I know Kristoff. He’s, ah… he and I are pretty close, actually. Going out of his way to help people seems to be something he’s good at. I’m glad he managed to get your brother out safely.”

Urúvion tilted his head to the side a bit in slight confusion. “Might I ask just what reason you may have had to be up in the mountains during a blizzard? That’s a little dangerous isn’t it?” he added with a light laugh.

"I see…" The Firebird commented, easily being able to tell just how close the two were by Anna’s reaction. "Indeed, thanks to him my brother is safe….for the moment…" he slowly realized with a small sigh just imagining the trouble his brother was probably getting into right about now, though of course it couldn’t be all too bad less he would’ve been told by now.

A Flame in the Darkness // Sally & Urúvion

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Sally smiled at the magnificent bird. “I do not expect you to have heard of it, it’s rather an objective of ours to remain hidden. After all, if everyone knew we existed, things would get rather … interesting.” Thinking of a discovery of Halloween Town she was torn between fear and amusement. Would they run away frightened or destroy the town in a fiery blaze? That was something she hoped she’d never have to worry about.

The word ‘phoenix’ sounded vaguely familiar to her. As she stared at the bird’s brilliant plumage she tried to think of any such creature she’d ever seen or heard of. Unfortunately nothing came to mind.

"Halloween Town is a town for the Halloween monsters if the human world." Sally’s brow furrowed in confusion at the question. "I suppose it’s darker than most places to accommodate for the majority of us preferring darker places. It is night though so that doesn’t help", she laughed, hoping her nerves weren’t that noticeable. 

'I can certainly understand that.' The phoenix said with a small nod knowing full well the reasons those ho lived here could have for wanting to keep this place secret. 'Halloween….I've heard of that, it is a human holiday is it not?'

He’d only ever been around for two Halloween holidays, and never really understood it. 'Perhaps you may be able to tell just what the appeal is to the particular holiday?' What better place to learn about the holiday then from the monsters themselves?

He clicked his beak with a light chuckle feeling slightly silly for asking such a thing. 'I see, that makes sense.' he tilted hie head to the side a bit, golden eyes looking over the ragdoll a moment. Interesting, she appeared no more then a doll and yet she was living with no magic to make it so, it reminded him some of the odd little tin soldier he’d met a long while back. For the moment though he made no comment towards it.

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Caged Desert Fire // Jasmine & Firebird

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"I see," Jasmine replied, raising her chin and lifting a brow curiously. "You say that like you’re not always a bird. Can you shapeshift?" She asked, the last word holding a bit of excitement. He looked very much like a bird to her, when Geenie changed form there was something about him that was always the same. For instance he usually kept his blue colour but the princess was speculative enough to ask anyhow. At the bird’s reaction to her compliment, Jasmine gave a small smile and tried not to giggle. He looked a bit surprised or confused even, the expression was quite cute on a bird. The black haired girl glanced back down to the feather in her hand before placing it in her hair, near her ear. "How do I look?" She asked playfully with a laugh. 

How interesting, the animal had two names instead of just one. So animals do have names without people giving any to them. Did Rajah have a name before Rajah? “It’s nice to meet you too, Urùvion.” She said, bowing her head slightly. The name was odd to her-felt strange in her mouth as she pronounced it but Jasmine could speak several languages and was used to such a feeling. Whatever language his name was from though, she didn’t recognize. She wondered where he was from not many places she had heard of had magical, head-speaking, possibly shapeshifting birds.

"Oh! This is Agrabah. We’re one of the only and biggest kingdoms to survive in the desert." She answered, proudly. "Most kingdoms can’t survive because they fall short on water. But as you can see," Jasmine gestured out her bedroom window to the fountain where Urùvion had been found. "We’ve averted crises like that." 

'I can, I have in fact six different forms counting this, one being my true form, another human, and the other three are element-based so to allow me to better use magic based upon the element that is not my own.' The phoenix said his wings stretching out for a bit before curling against his side again. He clicked his beak in amusement as Jasmine placed the feather in her hair. 'It certainly suits you.' He said honestly. 'You may keep that if you wish, it has some power of it's own that could be useful.'

He showed no surprise to the fact it seemed strange for the Jasmine to say his name, in fact he was growing less and less surprised that people seemed to know nothing of the past. In fact the memories had almost become ghosts by now and affected him far less then they used to.

'Agrabah…' Urúvion mused lightly tilting his head to the side. ‘Indeed, that is quite the feat for such a grand kingdom.’

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"I dare you to kiss Prince Hans on the lips."

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"I don’t even know who that is so this is a dare I have no possiableity of being able to do." The Firebird pointed out with a small shrug.

Note to Sprite — Dare

It appears the bottom of the note seem scorched where the Firebird had attempted to burn the note, after all he’d only been dared to write it. But Neth, had snatched it and run off with it before the fire could catch.

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"Rapunzel waved to Urúvion~ It had been a while since they had last spoken. With a mischievous grin, the blonde couldn't help but snicker. "I dare you... to light a candle in public... using your powers!!""

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Urúvion laughed lightly at Rapunzel’s dare. “Well now, this is probably the easiest one so far.”

After obtaining a candle he picked out a rather busy area near and placed the object down. He stepped back a bit and conjured a small flame which he tossed toward the candle and it instantly lit.

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